Dinner Guest Dining Chair, Black Oak/ Black Papercord Seat

Dinner Guest Dining Chair Black Oak/ Black Papercord Seat

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Dinner Guest Dining Chair

Next-level hospitality. Made from solid European oak and sustainably-sourced papercord, the Dinner Guest Collection is a lesson in fine craftsmanship. Each seat is handwoven from 100 meters of papercord, an impressively durable material that’s comfortable and cool. And, the backrest on this dining chair has been tested to offer maximum comfort across the board. So, what’s for dessert?
Dimensions: 24.0"W x 22.0 "D x 31.5"H, Seat Depth 19.5", Seat Height 17.72"
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SKU NO. DNC-SH-010-002


  • Many of the details on this dining chair have been carefully crafted by hand, including the papercord seat.
  • Each seat takes a skilled craftsman about an hour to create, adding visual interest and extra cushioned comfort.
  • Solid oak will stand the test of time and develop character as it ages.
  • The armrests on this seat have a flat top, making them especially comfortable on the arms.


  • Protective semi-gloss lacquer finish
  • Handwoven seat
  • Frame material: solid European oak
  • Seat material: black papercord
  • Dimensions: 24"W x 22"D x 31.5"H, 17.75" seat height

Materials and Care

  • Solid wood offers a warm, organic feel that ages beautifully. Variation in the grain means the exact look may vary from piece to piece.
  • Paper cord is strong, durable, and designed to last for years. The surface is treated with a thin layer of wax to prevent stains.
  • Care (wood): To clean, use a damp cloth and pH-neutral detergent, then wipe dry. Avoid contact with acidic liquids, such as soda, fruit juice, or vinegar. Any spills should be cleaned with lukewarm water immediately. Do not use acid or bleach-based cleaning products as they may affect the waterproofing and create permanent stains.
  • Care (papercord): Avoid contact with liquids or foods known to stain, like red wine and fruit juices. Any spills should be cleaned immediately by gently dabbing with a damp cloth. For a deeper clean, wipe papercord with a soft, damp cloth and clear soap solution. Perform deeper cleans sparingly, as they can cause the papercord to wear.
  • The woven chair may be slightly askew at first because the papercord is handwoven very tightly, which can cause it to twist a little. This will correct itself after a short time once you use the chair.

Delivery and Assembly

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    Minimal assembly may be required. If so, it should take less than 20 minutes and easy-to-follow instructions will be included with your delivery.

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